A beacon for everyone

Reteneo is your one stop shop beacon platform from the end user application to the content management back-end.

Simply put, we’ve created:

  • An application for consumers who want to check out what’s happening in their neighbourhood called Reteneo Life
  • A physical beacon to broadcast messages and called it a Puck (yes, we are Canadian)
  • A free Puck application that does the same thing as the physical puck but using your mobile device.
  • A complete back end system to create and manage messages

Our solution is available today for iOS7 and  Android 4.4. 

One app to capture everything except your personal info

We don’t believe you should carry one app for each business you want to get information from. Reteneo Life allows you to select what information you want to receive and how. We’ve also decided to not collect  personal information and therefore we do not even ask for your email address or your location. In order to use Reteneo Life, all you need is a device with Bluetooth Smart turned on.

Best of all, the app is available today in the App Store and Google Play.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play
Pull down the screen to scan what’s around you.
Share via text message, email, Facebook, Twitter and AirDrop.

The Reteneo Life app is not required to receive the messages.
View all the messages you received ordered by date based on your selection of categories.
Select your categories of interest.

iOS screen captures

Use your mobile device and save

Get started for free!

Download the Reteneo Puck app on your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone to start broadcasting today.

No development required.

Simply use our cloud based platform to create your messages.

You can be ready in minutes.

No maintenance required

Actually there is and we take care of it.
When the battery gets low, we will receive an alert and ship you a replacement puck.

No hidden fees

Our monthly fee includes the app or a Reteneo Puck, access to the message creation platform and support. 

Annual subscriptions are also available.

No commitment

We are convinced you will love our product and we will let you cancel or suspend your service at any time. 

No consumer data stored or privacy concerns

All customer preferences are stored on their device and our servers. Creating an account is not required to start receiving messages.

One platform to create and manage messages

For the broadcasters we’ve created a complete platform that allows you to create messages in minutes. Write your own text, add your pictures, include your physical or website address, schedule your broadcasting time and manage your Pucks.

You can use your iOS device to broacast messages with the Reteneo Puck app available today for free or order a physical puck. We currently have stock and ship within days!